Student Lending: Wall Street’s Next Bubble? A report on Moody’s Analytics’ recent finding that student loan defaults could be the basis of the next U.S. economic crisis and the perspectives of three students with tens of thousands in loan debt.

L.A. Banks: Losing a Literary Shape Shifter A retrospective on the life and legacy of New York Times-best-selling author L.A. Banks in the aftermath of her untimely death at age 51 from adrenal cancer.

Why We Tip: Survey Shows Racial Divide  According to an online survey for, when it comes to tipping, blacks more than whites put a premium on service over supplementing the meager earnings of wait staff.

Black Fathers Say They Get a Bad Rap  Just in time for Father’s Day, a survey uncovers attitudes toward fatherhood and child rearing by the public as a whole, and especially black men.

NYCity News Service:

Smoothing the Path for Bangladeshis People hailing from Bangladesh in southeast Asia are beginning to dominate a section of the Bronx in New York City that had once been known as a Jewish and Italian enclave. Mohammed Mujumder, a paralegal and community activist, works to smooth the transition to America for his fellow countrymen.

The Amsterdam News:

All-boys Urban Academy to close in the Bronx One young man called it an “academic lynching” when New York City school officials decided to close the doors on his predominantly black and Hispanic all-boys high school citing low graduation rates. But supporters questioned the city’s decision, saying its grad rates were better than the city’s when it came to the demographic it served.